The Secret to Sticking With It!

Happy New Year!🎉 I pray your New year has been wonderful, safe, and one not easily forgotten! I also hope and pray you’ve made some new declarations and decrees for yourself in this step forward towards a new year! One thing I want to highlight (as the Lord continues to highlight for me) is the importance of decision. As we move through the freshness of a new year and we line out thing we want, we want to do, how we want to grow, and changes we want to see in ourselves, it’s important we are intentional about making the decision to do it- over and over and over again! The difference between a renewed mind and a failed resolution is the failure of a constant decision. We have to make the decision over and over and over again to eat right-over and over and over again to study our Word-over and over and over again to fight procrastination. These are constant decisions we have to make in order to renew our minds and cause our desired behaviors to become habit and not another failed new year’s resolution. I’m in the same battle and God spoke to me clearly in that there needs to be consistency in decisions and the “new year’s resolution” will become a lifestyle. This is the secret and the answer to the questions – “How do I stick to it?” I hope this put some things into perspective for you! Congratulations for owning 2017 and entering the year of MEGA-2018!!! Lessons and blessings Family❤️ Let’s Get It!


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