It was Worth it and So Are You

I believe that we all have a story- a story with hurt, pain, and things we’d rather not think about. However, I think there’s value in your hurt and even still, there’s value in YOU. Follow me..

The Hurt is Worth it

Sometimes when we go through things that wound us like nothing else ever has, we begin to question God. Rather it’s intentional or subconscious, we look at God to blame because our lives are in His hands. We begin to either feel alone then suffer alone or we become angry and hardened towards God. It gets frustrating trying to figure out why God is letting this happen. I get it…because how could a God so loving allow me to feel, see, and experience pain like this? I get it 1000%. These are all reasonable questions because we’ve been taught that God is love and in love there is the absence of hurt… this isn’t true. Sometimes the way God decides to do a thing will require sacrifice and that sacrifice may be comfort. It may require pain, hurt, and being uncomfortable. Does God inflict pain upon us? I don’t think He always does, but I do believe He allows it. Why? Because He wants to do something with that hurt, and trust me, when God shows up, He makes it worth everyone’s while. Yup, just your hurt, worth everyone’s while: including yours. Do you know your salvation was birthed out of pain? Let’s look at Jesus:  Jesus felt and endured so much on that cross that He felt like God had left Him (Matthew 27:46). Yet, in what Jesus went through, God was saving all of humanity. Your pain is worth it in God. Even if you have to cry out like Jesus, remember one thing in the storm- It’s worth it.

You’re Worth It

Even in the garden of Gethsemane when sorrow fell upon Jesus because He knew the time had come, He still chose to pick up that cross and endure a torturous death. Guess why? Because you were worth it. Yes, even in what you’ve been through- you’re worth it. Even in what they said about you-you’re worth it. Even in their laughter at you-you’re worth it. Even in the hurtful words, hurtful hands, and the hurtful thoughts-you’re worth it. Even in the lies they spread about you-you’re worth it. Jesus thought you were worth DYING for. He literally “took the bullet for you”. While they were counting you out, while you were counting you out, Jesus was still fighting, pressing towards that cross for you. Even while you were being hard on yourself and settling for things and people you didn’t deserve, Jesus was still allowing them to drive nails through His hands so you could feel the love of God even today. See, although you came 2,000+ years after Christ died, God had already seen where you would be today, so He knew all the things that would transpire. I’m tempted to say that’s part of the reason He decided to say “Yes”. Jesus said, YOU’RE worth it all.


We have all come from something that has caused hurt and pain. In this, sometimes it’s frustrating to get why God would allow such pain if He loves us. The realization is this: Love isn’t the absence of hurt- sometimes out of hurt love is manifested, so the pain God allows is worth it. Now when the pain comes, we have to be careful that our feelings don’t tell us it’s because God doesn’t care. We know He does because we were worth His life. Sometimes the pain comes through what we’ve experienced and it tells us we aren’t worth anything better or people will have us believe that same lie, but God called you worth it and so you are. It only matters what God says: Let man be a liar and let God be true (Romans 3:4). Against God, everything else is a lie. So your hurt is worth it and so are you.

5 thoughts on “It was Worth it and So Are You

  1. Thank you so much for this! This really speaks to the season I’m in! Every ounce of pain or discomfort I feel I know it’s worth it!

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  2. Reading this blessed me so much. I almost can’t believe I couldn’t see from this angle when I’m hurt but I should know that what God brings me to, He’ll bring me through. Thank you so much for letting the Lord use you! This blesses me.

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