About The Author: Here you’ll find general information about myself and what prompted me to create the blog.

Posts: Here you’ll find both Blog PostsKnowing The Word, Bible Study Nuggets, and anything else the Lord leads me to include on the Blog that you won’t find in any other tab. These are words the Lord puts on my heart. It always speaks to some aspect of this walk with Christ and revelation/insight that the Lord will’s us to come into. This will always based upon the Word of God. Always. 

Knowing the Word: This is strictly for YOU.  Knowing the Word is actually a Bible Study I lead in the on-campus ministry God has blessed me to serve in. We get together and comb through the Word of God little by little. The point is clarity and revelation beyond the printed words themselves- insight from Jesus Himself. I’ll upload the reflection questions here. In your quiet time, read the passages and jot down how God makes that apply to you. He’s always speaking, but we have to learn how to listen. You can find this material under the “Posts” tab.

Thoughts of the Day: These will be questions I drop occasionally. It may be “food for thought”, something God wants to bring to your attention, or just something to reflect on.

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About My Life For His

My Life For His is a declaration between you and the Lord stating you have made the decision to lay down the life you live to carry the cross Jesus carried. This is the basis for this blog.

It is a decision that challenges us to live a life modeled after Jesus’ – after the example He set. Although we don’t live perfect lives, the least we can do for the one who did is live for Him. Romans 12:1 says that sacrificing our bodies is our REASONABLE sacrifice. This means that this is the least we can do. The LEAST we can do is surrender our bodies (our actions) to His will. This is where the name was birthed: My Life For His.

We want to live the selfless, humble, and loving life Jesus Christ lived, walking in His footsteps.  Jesus tells His disciples in John 13:15 I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” Jesus told us that His life was an example for us to follow. Once you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, the next step is to decide to fully lay your life down, pick up your cross, and follow Him. This is a decision. I’ll go first…

Jesus, I decide to make you my Lord and Savior and by doing so, I choose to lay down MY life for the one YOU once lived, Lord grace me on this journey and let me ever feel your presence. In Your name I pray, Amen.