Thought of the Day

TOTD #1:

If God appeared on earth in human form, would you recognize Him? Would you be familiar with his spirit?

TOTD #2:

If you haven’t spent time with God today, What answers could you be missing that would be found there?

TOTD #3:

What does your worship look like? In your room, alone, when no one is watching? Does it exist?

TOTD #4:

Do you need God, like the air you breathe? Do you need to talk to Him daily and can’t breathe without hearing His voice, feeling His spirit, and spilling your heart without Him? Or are you cool with life the way it is…

TOTD #5:

If there was one thing you could sit on the edge of your bed and talk to God about, what would it be? What’s stopping you..?


TOTD #6:

If this was your last day on earth, what would your tomorrow look like based on what you’ve done in your life until this moment?


TOTD #7:

If God seemingly left you today, how would you hold up? You gone reach for His Word? Fight? Or give up and die? What would you do?

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