Studying Lust Pt. 2

Lust is probably the most common stumbling block for us, yet the least studied. From the encounter David had with Bathsheeba, we can learn a WHOLE lot about lust. I’m studying it, so let’s study together! I want to share this study in a series of posts.

 Here’s part 2: Verse 3!

Disclaimer: I’m going to be real, so I pray you’re not uncomfortable…

Lust’s Nature

Enticement → Action→Target

2 Samuel 11:3 (KJV)

And David sent and inquired after the woman. And one said, “Is not this Bath-Sheba, the daughter of Eliam, and the wife of Uriah the Hittite?”


It’s very important, when studying lust, that you understand it’s end goal. When tempted, understand that there IS a specific end point in all of the chaos, drama, and damage it  causes. If you’re blind to this or in denial about it, you will be a victim of it. Whenever Lust finds its way into your field of view, it seeks to leave you doing something- meaning, Lust will never come just to tempt you at the level of your vision or eyes. It’s enticement does not stop there- NO. There will always be a target behind it’s work against you and it will always aim you in the area of some type of destruction, its target.


So when you choose to take Lust’s hand (“I’ll just watch a little porn- just one video” | “I just want to feel it one last time” | “We used to have sex to this song allll the time so shouldn’t listen to it, but…” ) “you’re giving it a go” at that target that Lust had it’s eye on from the very beginning- before you even noticed it was there. For David, the action sex directly-intercourse, fornication, adultry- however you want to split it. The target here (the destruction desired from the action) was murder. Yes. As you continue to read, you’ll see how Lust opened the door for murder. Now you may say, “Diamond, I’ve done A, B, & C before and nothing  like that ever happened…“. Well, Lust may not do what it intends to do the very first try, but the more chances you give it, the more likely it is to reach that bull’s eye. It may hit the target and it may not, but there is a goal behind all of it’s shots at you. So here’s another trademark of Lust’s: It will always come to cause complications and/or the risk of destruction.

3 thoughts on “Studying Lust Pt. 2

  1. Wow I felt this. I definitely felt triggered when it was saying “just one more time” because you never know when that one more time will be the end all for you. It’s time to stop letting lust take over you because it’s doing nothing but hurting you in the end.


  2. One thing that stuck out to me is that Lusy will lead and drop you like a hot cake to deal with the mess afterwards. We gotta know why we are doing things and what is the end goal, because if we just out here doing one thing after the other where will we end up? It’s makes sense that if i smoke this one time I will always end up telling myself well one more time wont hurt and here I am smoking everyday. Now after smoking Everyday I am now getting drug tested at work about to lose my job, because I couldnt say no yo lust. I cant just let every suggestion that crosses my mind hinder me from doing the Lords will.


  3. What God spoke to me was to stop laying and playing with Lust because eventually, everything you’ve been relieved from WILL become real – the scares, the feelings, the heartbreaks, the exposure- it’ll happen. So stop playing with Lust.


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