Journaling Thoughts

I’m frustrated by how wrong I get it – how it puts hiccups in my life, how it costs me, how much pain it bring me- my own mess ups and short comings that is. As I sit here and look out my window, journaling in my bible and listening to calm music, I remember words from a sermon I watched yesterday. I’m starting to understand that this life isn’t about getting it right and making the ride easy. It’s about transforming. The “you” who was born and the you whom you soon will be are constantly at war with each other. You can’t expect an easy ride. Fight. The you that will be transformed from the you who was birthed into the world is worth the fight. I wish I could hold up a mirror and see myself 20-25 years from now. But I can’t, I can only stay before Christ who is the finisher of my faith and I encourage you to do the same. Renew the thoughts of yourself he has for you until you can see what he sees. Be graceful with yourself but not relaxed. Stay in your Word but live life freely. Shoot for holiness, but don’t be so tense about getting it right. Relax and let Him catch you when you feel like you’re sinking. You’re not perfect and He loves you just as much flawed- so be graceful and love yourself just as much ❤️ Just a thought. Love you so much.

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