Studying Lust

Lust is probably the most common stumbling block for us, yet the least studied. From the encounter David had with Bathsheeba, we can learn a WHOLE lot about lust. I’m studying it, so let’s study together! I want to share this study in a series of posts.

 Here’s part 1: Verse 2!

Disclaimer: I’m going to be real, so I pray you’re not uncomfortable…

Lust’s Nature

 Vision – Enticement

2 Samuel 11:2 (KJV)

And it came to pass in an eveningtide, that David arose from off his bed, and walked upon the roof of the king’s house: and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself; and the woman was very beautiful to look upon.


Know that when lust comes, it’s coming for those eyes FIRST. When Lust introduces itself in the midst- it’s doing so in your field of view. Rather it’s physically (like David’s wondering eyes or porn) or spiritually (unfocused and distracted from what God has put before you in assignment & purpose) Lust will first use those “eye gates” or any sense of vision or sight. It’s a trademark of Lust’s. Knowing this, be mindful, intentional, and smart about what you allow in you field of view. Now, there will be cracks and slip ups that you won’t be able to help, but we’ll get to those…


 Lust seeks to appeal to you in a way that seems “good”. It may look good, seem to feel good and even taste good. It will reveal itself in light of pleasure, delight, and as a sin that’s just “worth it”… Let’s just be real. It dresses itself as alllll of this – on purpose. A sure way to combat this is to be able to recognize it on sight. When you start feeling aroused, dazed, and enticed- realize it’s a lie. It’s a dress lust wears to trip you up. When you know better, you do better and you tend not to fall for the same trap.



The Back Drop:

Recently, God has been on my case about lust and honestly, I never dealt with it directly. When I rededicated my entire life to Jesus and started striving for holiness, I just dropped everything. Like y’all, I didn’t deal with any sin I was bound up in, I just quit cold-turkey and thought I was done lol. God had me realize real quick, putting it behind you without formally dealing with it will only work for so long- it will come back and it will come back stronger and it will take more than your will power to live Holy lol. So… I started targeting lust specifically. It’s been coming for me so now I’m coming for it- the more you know, the less finesse room it has. So keep current on the coming posts!

6 thoughts on “Studying Lust

  1. I’ve always dealt with lust when it came to boys. I’d find myself so invested in them when they’re not good for me or what I need to be focused on right now. It’s always going to be there but how I handle it for now on is on me. I should be in the word and looking to talk to God about it and not always running to my friends or social media looking for something when God is right in front of me wanting to give me everything and more.


  2. Lust has always been a problem, I always will get rid of my urge to watch porn, and then it will come back even stronger like you said above, but God doesn’t want me watching that. I have to be careful with what I put in front of my eyes..and I can start with some movies or tv shows that I watch because that is a main root.


  3. The enemy will literally use a certain lust to exploit a vulnerability or weakness. It doesn’t have to be a literal weakness but an aspect of you that could be taken advantage of by people. The enemy can perverse a characteristic or quality that God has placed in you. This is why it’s important to stay before the Lord. Stay with the Lord, He will begin to make known the plans of hell, he will provide WARNING! So you won’t be caught off guard.


  4. Its so important to beware of what’s really going on in the spirit realm, because you can miss so much by just using your OWN SIGHT. I realized that I need to be seeking for more clarity and discernment on everything that approaches my life, because I could fall into lust easily if I dont know what is going on. One lustful door lead me to more lustful doors and now I am finding myself at a disconnect where I am running out of time. My life is truly not my own and I am truly trying to relinquish my control over it…


  5. It’s ok to deal with lust we are human with wandering eyes and thoughts. It’s how we turn away from
    Sin. It’s how our hearts our postured that God pays attention to. It’s how we sacrifice lustful desires and strive to live holy. It’s how you turn to prayer when your struggling. I’ve realized that whatever it is that I struggle with God STILL loves me. His love is uncompromising and though I don’t deserve it he YET loves me.


  6. The Holy Spirit is really telling me to expect what i know is coming. God says “You KNOW how lust moves. you know it’s going to come suddenly and put itself right in front of you to see like David – even when you’re just living your life… So expect it! Remind yourself DAILY that lust is coming and it’s going to try. That being said, have a word in your heart. The word being “ITS A LIE” – as good as it looks and as good as it may seem to feel – ITS A LIE.” It just want to suck me in sweetly and spit me out like garbage. I know better so I have to do better.


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