John4 (pt3)-KnowingTheWord

John 4: 25-42

(NIV Version Recommended*)

 Journal Guided Questions:

What is the Holy Spirit teaching me?…



God’s Nature:

In KTW, we aim to study the Bible with a lens that helps us dig deeper into Jesus as a person and spirit (His Nature). In that, we can learn how we ought to be, act, and move as a person (modeled by Jesus) and we will be able to tell one spirit from another “Is this the spirit of Christ or no?”. This is a good self-checking mechanism for ourselves and to be able to “test every spirit”. So in verses 30-34, if you were a Samaritan standing by watching this conversation between Jesus & His disciples, what are some things you’re picking up about Jesus from the conversation?

  •  What mental notes are you taking? What do you see, hear, or pick up on as you imagine yourself there, in that moment?


  • What assumptions, ideas, or conclusions are you drawing or making from what you’ve noted? Based on what you’ve seen or heard, what conclusion did you draw about Jesus in this particular exchange?



God’s Voice & Word:

In Verse 38, Jesus said three things: 1) He sent them somewhere 2) Others have done the hard 3) They’ve gotten to enjoy their (those who did the hard work) labor.

  • What did God reveal to you? What’s your revelation of what Jesus was saying?


  • Where did He send them? What did you understand this to mean?


  • Who did the ‘hard work’? Who is Jesus talking about?..


  • What are they benefitting from that came by way of others’ hard work? What did those people who worked hard leave for those whom Jesus is talking about?


What are some general things you picked up from the reading*

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