Bible Study Nugget: Gracefully Broken

Bible Study Nugget:

1 John Chapter 2, Verse 8

Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in him and in you:

because the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth.


“The Darkness”

So, recently I have been asking the Lord who I am. “Lord, what do I look like to you? What do I look like to those who aren’t inside of my mind?” See, I know that my idea, image, and view of myself is not accurate. Life has told me everything I was not, what I was not capable of, and every reason I wasn’t worthy, but it forgot to tell me who I was, what I can do, and what I am worth. No worries, my Heavenly Dad knows all, so I just asked HIM 💁🏽‍♀️.


God began to show me the most important part of myself I didn’t see – every area of insecurity I never noticed I had from what I’ve been through. God showed me everything life had told me and how it affected my confidence. I had none- life took it all away.  I allowed God to show me every area these insecurities peaked and where they came from. Afterwards, like many people, I just begin to break down. But what was interesting about this break was it didn’t hurt, it wasn’t painful and gut-wrenching like other times I’ve been broken down. God had Gracefully Broken me. It was a very graceful let down of all the things I was feeling at once as I took in what God was showing me. God was so delicate, gentile, and graceful with me. In the song, Gracefully Broken by Tasha Cobbs she says in the beginning that when God breaks you, He doesn’t hurt you- He doesn’t destroy you. He does it with grace. It’s true. In order to really move past some things that have wounded us and thus crippled us in our lives today, we have to allow God to break us down, but wait… it’s not painful. It won’t hurt like when he/she broke your heart, when they left you, or they told you and showed you everyday what they thought you weren’t worth. This isn’t one of those. God has a different, delicate touch. Once you surrender your hurt, pain, or whatever else to Christ, He will make that darkness past tense. And once that darkness has been moved to the past, then the light can shine through (1 John 2:8)* 

“True Light”

This is what I got initially when I read it:

“This is a new season. You will not be the same Diamond you were in the past. Why? Because God says that the darkness is past and the TRUE light now shineth.”

The reason I’m able to enter this season is because I decided to be gracefully broken by God. I surrendered. I put my hands up and gave God my heart through the words Tasha spoke and sang through Gracefully Broken until I knew what to pray. I hope this opened your eyes to your areas of healing and how to surrender and allow God in to gracefully break you down so He can rebuild you up in HIS thoughts. My prayer for myself is that, at the end of this process, I will be gracefully broken to the point where God begins to build me form scratch. That I’ll see myself how He sees me and with every block He uses to build me up, He’ll incorporate His sight, ideas, thoughts, and views towards me and these will become my own. I hope this is your prayer too. Send any prayer requests through the “Contact” tab on the top of the site. Have a great day 💙

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