Making the Relationship Feel Real

We KNOW the eternal life : Jesus. But what exactly do we know? Perhaps accepting Jesus fully and establishing a real intimacy and relationship with Him has been hard for of us because we aren’t sure what exactly we’ve come into the revelation of? We haven’t sorted out the facts of what we really know to make sense of it, so we have a hard time connecting with it, really trusting and believing in it, making it real. It is a lot. Let’s break down what we know to better understand and make the connections between our minds and hearts.


Jesus Is Eternal

John tells us the following based upon what He saw and witnessed first hand, so this is what we know:

“The life was manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness, and declare to you that eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us—” (1 John 1:2) NKJV

So, when trying to understand who Jesus is to us today and how He dwells among us today, we have to incorporate the term eternal. So, let’s break down what that means generally, then connect it to us spiritually thus personally:
*Eternal Definition: lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.; valid for all time; essentially unchanging.; seeming to last or persist forever.
So here we see that the eternal life John is talking about is Jesus– Jesus’ life, His being, Himself. And through the “eternal definition” we see that Jesus is forever existing, without end, valid for all time, always the same, and will forever persist.

So the first key in understanding what we know about the revelation of Jesus is understanding His limits to time and this world: None. He is, will always be, and will never change. This is forever and under no circumstances will anything be different. Keep the definition of eternal in mind.

-Now we know that the Jesus we have with us today is in spirit, not flesh. So let’s define that that means.



Jesus Is a Spirit

We know Jesus personally as a spirit. As most of us are aware, Jesus no longer dwells with us in the flesh (in human form)- but He’s kept His promise to never leave us through a spirit being. So, what exactly is a spirit?

*Spirit Definition: the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character, the soul.
So what we know today is that Jesus dwells with us in a form that is nonphysical, but encompasses emotion and His character– His soul (His mind, will, and emotions). So Jesus is essentially human without the body, the flesh. He’s a person, but not in the physical- anymore. He possess the same types of qualities as a person, but in a different realm- the spiritual real. He feels, thinks, etc. Keep in mind that Jesus is an actual person without the physical body.



Putting it All Together

So what do we know? We know Jesus is eternal, so He is forever. We also know that Jesus was a real man (there’s no question there) but today we know He is a spirit. This means dwelling among us- He feels and His Character is intact- forever. We literally live with a God who is a person (emotion & character) but dwells in the spirit (eternal).

Why does this makes sense?

Well, Jesus was human– He WAS in fact a human being. He said in His word that He would never leave nor forsake us though. The problem here is that NO human being is immortal. When Jesus was struck, He bled. When He was betrayed, He felt. When He loss too much blood or His body shut due to shock related to the blows, He died. This was a normal physiological process. He couldn’t live forever in that human body- no one can. So, Jesus had to find away to dwell on Earth without being limited to a short-living body. Solution: He became a spirit. A nonphysical being that encompasses the character and emotions of Himself. Now He was not limited to time by a body (now eternal). Now, because Jesus was flawless, pure, and clean, the name of His new form became “HOLY”. He was/is/ and will always be the Holy Spirit, but remember that this is still Jesus. The same Jesus who walked on water, beat Satan’s temptation, felt, cried, begged for mercy, and lived His life solely to save you and I. He is just in His eternal form just so He could dwell here with you, help you, and keep His promise to never leave you. He still has emotions and the same character He had as a human- Jesus (the person) is still in tact.

*This is also why we hold the Word of God so true- Because nothing changed but Jesus’ form, every word spoken still stands because Jesus still lives (He came back to life😏). This is also why the Holy Spirit would never contradict Himself in His Word (The Bible). Everything He said in the Bible is still true. Why? Because if Jesus said it, the Holy Spirit said it. Remember, it’s Him, just a different form.


You KnowYou Understand

So, what do you know? Now that you know what you know lol. Sit back and talk to the Holy Spirit – talk to the Jesus of the Bible. He’s with you, He hears you, and He is still the same. You have questions? Ask Him? If you find this hard, take it a step back even further. Learn Him through the scriptures. When you read about Jesus’ life- notice how He moved when He was mad, sad, upset, brave, angry, rejected. Note what meant the most to Him. When you do that- make the connection that this same Jesus you’re studying is the same now walking and talking with you everyday- The Holy Spirit. Remember that and you’ll have started a relationship with Him that is tangible and based upon what you KNOW and understand because you already know- but sometimes we need help making it make sense.

-Love you so much!

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