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Hey There…

My name is Diamond and I’m a believer of Jesus Christ and the gospel as it’s written in the Holy Bible. I love to laugh and I love social interaction just as much. I love teaching and pouring into people, but in this current season, I’m more interested in being poured into. I “got saved” at a young age, but rededicated my life to God about 4 years ago. I felt it was important to come before God( and those who’d “known” me) and profess my dedication to Christ being older and understanding what that fully meant.  I stumble more than I walk in this season, but I just will not leave God’s feet. I will NOT leave His feet. I can be upset, disobedient, and generally unwilling in seasons that I feel like break me down, but I won’t leave His feet no matter how much I feel it’s a struggle to stay. Some of us have failed to notice the power of placing our sorrows before God’s feet. Sometimes, I even forget, a lot. I’m married to the most perfect man for me and together, we have one angel 💙

My Life For His

My Life For His (MLFH) was birthed on my college sofa just talking with my friends. Never in a million years did I think I’d start a blog. It hadn’t even been a desire of mine, but the name came to me and I heard God clearly. I was the leader of an on-campus women’s ministry, trying to juggle school and work and it was hard to start and it was hard to answer the call (to spread the wisdom he’d given me) and keep up with life in general. However, where he called me, He sustained me. Throughout this website, you’ll lots of insight. From bible study insight, wisdom from my personal reflecting in my journal, to things God had me write just for you all to read – God has something to say, but we’ve got to listen. Take a look, explore, and always feel free to reach me personally. I’m more so here to help you to Him (Jesus), not lead you. I’ll do what I can, but I’m merely a vessel. I hope this is as much as an answered prayer as it is for me.

Welcome to My Life For His.


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