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Step Outin Style!


My name is Diamond and I am a strong believer of Jesus Christ and the gospel as it’s written and taught in the Holy Bible. I LOVE to laugh and I almost love social interaction just as much. Yes, I like to talk (lol) and I just like spending time with people who make life a little brighter. I don’t have many hobbies (lol), but I’m getting more into reading, writing, and running. I love teaching and pouring into people, but I enjoy being poured into just as much. I “got saved” at a young age, but rededicated my life to God about 2 years ago. I wish to do and be many things, but right now I’m going where the Lord leads me in ministry and finishing college. I’m very silly, funny, and goofy, but I can be equally as serious and non-tolerable when it comes to respect and order. I believe there’s an order to everything. I struggle with things, but what makes me different from most is that I will not allow my days to go by in tough seasons without demanding that the Lord tell me the “why’s” and the “how longs”. I will NOT leave His feet. I feel some of us have failed to notice the power of placing our sorrow before God’s feet. Before MLFH (My Life For His), I’d never started anything like this so this is still fairly new to me. I just want to be used whichever way The Lord deems fit. I’m the vice president of an on-campus ministry entitled Pinky Promise founded by Heather Lindsey and it’s blessed me tremendously. I’m still living and learning and have a long way to go. I hope this blog helps you along your walk as I continue to lean on what the Lord says through me as well. I reread the contents of this blog countless amounts of time because Jesus blesses me through these words as well. I by NO means have all the answers, so I’ll likely always push you towards the Father rather it be His Word, His presence, or just a the insight He gives me. My only prayer and hope is that God uses me and rejoices in what I do in this life. I’m so blessed to have Him, His grace, His mercy, and even you all, the the Body of Christ here to encourage me, teach me, and make me better. I hope this is your prayer too. Love you guys so much!

Welcome to My Life For His.