John4 (pt2)-KnowingTheWord

John 4: 16-24

(AMP Version Recommended*) 

Journal Guided Questions:

What is the Holy Spirit teaching me?…


God’s Nature:

The nature of someone can usually be revealed through how they move (navigate through life). In verse 16, we KNOW Jesus knew the answer to this question before He asked it (see that in verse 18),yet He still asked this question. Jesus moved this particular way for a reason.

  • Why did Jesus ask this particular question already knowing the answer to it? Personally, what do you think Jesus was trying to accomplish or ‘say’?


  • What’s does this speak to youabout His nature? Based on how Jesus navigated through the conversation from verses 16-18, what did you notice about Jesus’ nature?

God’s Voice & Word:

  • Verse 19, Sam (the Samaritan woman…I named her Sam for short lol ) had a revelation.
    1. Refresher:

                       The definition of revelation:

“The making known of something that was previously secret or unknown.”

  1. What’s your revelation of verses 20 & 21? What was ‘uncovered’ for you that you didn’t previously realize? ***Remember NOT to overthink this, let the Holy Spirit think this through for you. Journal if you need and just let your hands write but DON’T put your own logic to it. Let the Holy Spirit speak*** p.s. the more you do this, the more comfortable you’ll get with it😉


  • Break verse 23 down like fraction! – Start Here:
    1. What is a true worshipper? What does it mean to worship in ‘spirit’ or in ‘truth’?
    2. What was Jesus telling her?

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