John4 (pt1)-KnowingTheWord

John 4: 6-15

(Message Version Recommended*) 

Journal Guided Questions:

What is the Holy Spirit teaching me?…


God’s Nature:

  • We can tell a person’s character or personality usually from one encounter. Think about the character trait(s) Jesus showed in this one encounter alone.
    • What’s one characteristic of Jesus you noticed & how does it relate to YOU specifically? How does it speak to you on a personal level?
    • What kinds of other attributes does Jesus show from this exchange & how does this attribute play into the father role perfectly for you? Remember we said Jesus was the perfect Father and we can tell by His nature and personality alone*

God’s Voice & Word:

  • The definition of revelation:

“The making known of something that was previously secret or unknown.”

*Jesus drops a LOTof revelation in the bible- so much so, He warns people that many won’t even catch what He’s really saying…

  • In verses 11 & 12, the woman talking to Jesus had questions for Jesus like, “First of all, you don’t even have anything to get water with AND I KNOW you are not greater than Jacob who gave us this well, so what water could you POSSIBLY have that’s greater than this water from THIS well???!” But in verses 13 & 14, Jesus dropped some cold revelation to her confusion. See if you can catch what Jesus was telling her. Break verse 14 down like you’re explaining it to a 2nd grader. 


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