A Call to Action..

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been in heavy grievance for my peers: my sisters in Christ, this campus, and my brothers in Christ as well who I’ve even yet to really build relationships and bonds with yet. This morning in my prayer time, I studied James, Chapter 2. The theme was “Faith without works is dead”. Now we usually use this to justify being active and proactive  in our own prosperities, healing, and affairs in Christ. However, Jesus spoke to me in my grievance for others and how I can’t just believe but I also have to ACT too! James 2:14 says “What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?” Basically, what good is your “faith” if it does not have action behind it? What good are your words without movement paired with it? You’re right- it isn’t any good. So, I’m choosing to perfect my faith by backing it up with action (James 2:22 “…by works, faith was made perfect“). I’m going to perfect my faith by pairing action with what has been grieving me. With that being said, I am being led by the Lord and will host a prayer night on behalf the campus of Ball State University- the student body, leaders in ministry, and the body of Christ on this campus in a general sense. I will be reaching out to various leaders to spread the word, but if you would like to be apart hearing via this post, please leave me a message through the “contact” tab for more information. This is a call to action now what will you do about it? Lessons and Blessings Family.

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