The Dangers Behind Being Lukewarm

Being lukewarm isn’t talked about enough yet it’s a vital concept and I bet many of us aren’t even aware that 1. We are lukewarm or 2. What we are actually doing.  Let’s dig a little deeper..

Jesus’ Thoughts on a Lukewarm People

In Revelation, Jesus takes hold of John’s mind and begins to show him visions. Jesus tells him to write everything he sees and hears. In chapter 3, Jesus specifically begins to speak through these visions about the church in Laodicea. Jesus made known His thoughts of a lukewarm people. Jesus told John that He’d rather them pick a side and not straddle the fence other wise they’d be spat out. In other words Jesus was saying, choose me altogether or not at all. The Lord spoke to me and gave me some insight and deep revelation. Let’s go to Ezekiel.

Ezekiel’s Vision from God

In Ezekiel (Chapter 8), God had consumed the mind of yet another. Through visions, God showed Ezekiel the things the people were doing: the things they thought no one saw and the things they actually found no fault in, but yet all the things that provoked God to show no pity on them and made Him furious. One specific vision the Lord showed Ezekiel stood out so clear to me; I saw the vision myself among the people of God in today’s time. Ezekiel 8: 16 reads, “And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east; and they worshiped the sun toward the east. Now, you have to go on a trip with me mentally and visually as the Holy Spirit uses me to explain this. It’s so crucial it’s received. So let me break this down..

Living Between the Porch and the Alter

Between the porch and the alter, the men weren’t fully in the presence of the Lord yet (the alter), however, they’d stepped foot into a sacred place (passed the porch-into the Temple).

  • The In-between|Think of this setting as “everyday life“. You’ve accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and that day you were set apart; you left the “unbelieving” world and you passed the porch and entered into the temple. You made it in, but the alter isn’t a life-style practice… (I’ll explain later). You’re in between the porch and the alter. 
  • The Alter|Now, the alter is church, bible study, quiet time, prayer- anywhere the Lord has your attention. At the alter, you pour out, He pours in, He’s a constant thought, He floods your mind, you’re all His- you’re all about the Lord in these moments.

In between the porch and the alter is where many of us live. It’s the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s where we get so busy we forget to go to the alter and stay there. It’s where we allow our flesh to reign supreme, call shots, and take the seat of God. It’s where lukewarm activities survive and thrive. Remember, being lukewarm is being neither hot nor cold. You’re not cold because you are no longer exempt from Eternal Life: you’ve accepted Jesus as your Lord and your savior. However, you’re not hot either- You don’t live at the alter. You don’t live filled up to the brim with His presence. You don’t live majority of your life with God in the center of your decisions. You don’t stay at the alter allowing the Holy One to constantly flood your mind with each move you make day to day. You’re lukewarm. You live in the in-between. Of course I’m hypothetically speaking and may not be directed at YOU necessarily, but you get the idea, right? Reflect. Now, here’s the revelation..

Why God Would Rather Spit You Out…

Remember in Ezekiel in 8:16, the Lord showed Ezekiel that the men who were between the porch and the alter had their backs towards the alter and were worshiping the sun towards the east? This is the hurt, betrayal, and “dagger to the heart” God feels when we live in the in-between. “How? Diamond, I don’t worship no sun or anything but GOD!” Well hold on Sis, hold on Bro… anytime we are not at the feet of God, the alter, we are somewhere else. Our mind is somewhere else. Our attention is somewhere else. Something or someone else is getting to pour into us the way Christ wants to. Someone or something is doing His job… And when you look up, you realize that, wait.. you turned around on Him. This is hurt. Can you imagine God looking towards you and seeing your back? That’s what I saw. That’s what Ezekiel saw. That’s what the Lord sees. If you’re not at the alter and you’re not on your way there, you’re already turned around. You’ve already gotten caught up in the lukewarm space. No, you aren’t cold, but you certainly aren’t hot. Let’s get back to the alter. Let’s make a bed and lay there forever. Let’s stay hot, on fire for God forever..

If this touched your heart and you want to know where to go from here, please visit the “Contact tab” from the menu at the top of the site. I hope the Lord’s vision become yours on this day. Lessons and Blessings Family.




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