My Path: God’s Perspective: The Rose

What About God?

I want to share some brief insight the Lord showed me this week while asking God “What is my life like, my mission, my journey like in Your eyes?” I prayed the Lord guide my hands and I opened my bible. I’d studied Isaiah, the 35th chapter, before and had written in the margins “Take your identity outside of your feelings!” It made me ask what I meant? I got into the presence of the Lord through praise and worship and prayer and heard God ever so clearly. “Ask me what I think. Ask me what I see. Isn’t the journey of your purpose hard to see when you feel SO much? Isn’t your heart deceiving?” So I brought God’s view into the equation. The second part of the first verse of Isaiah 35 reads, “…the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose.” I allowed God to have my mind…

The Vision

I saw a timeline. Its layout was from 0-100. At 0 there was a Desert, at 50 there was a Blossoming Rose, and at 100 there was a Full Rose. See, We start off as deserts: dry, empty, and in need of The Living Water. After desperately reaching for God, working to know Him, shedding wordliness to be Holy like Him, we begin to bloom, but we have a long way to go. This is where many of us are. We aren’t 100% what God has called us to be. We aren’t that fully Blossomed Rose just yet, but we’ve found the answer to life, Eternal Life. We no longer have to thirst and be parched. But, wait.. how do we get to be that fully Blossomed Rose?…

Where’s Your Worship?

Well… what got us here? The scripture says the Desert rejoiced and began to blossom. Have we stopped singing? Have we stopped shouting, praising, and worshiping? Have we stopped rejoicing? My soul ( my mind, my will, and my emotions ) were telling me how far I have to go.. “You can never do anything right; why can’t you ever get things right the first time; God can’t use you like this; You’re not ready…” I was so lost in these thoughts, I forgot to worship. I had stopped rejoicing. I had a hard time finding a reason to rejoice.  Look at all the work I had before me.. The Holy Spirit was right when He told me to take my identity out of my feelings and when He said things were hard to see because I was feeling so much. I was thinking too much. I had to see that I’m on a steady continuum towards that Blossomed Rose..

The Rose

When I came out of my thoughts and entered God’s, I saw a Blossoming Rose. It was beautiful, bright red, and the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. Seeing this Blossoming Rose didn’t make me discredit it because it wasn’t the bloomed one or because it was only 50%. Instead I admired it. I am that Blossoming Rose and I will continue to praise and rejoice along the way. Anyway, who knows.. maybe next time I think to take a look through God’s lenses, I’ll be more blossomed than ever and closer to that Bloomed Rose than I’ve ever been.

-As always, let me know if you need anything in the contact tab on the homepage. Lessons and Blessings family.

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