Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is such a broad topic and there’s much to be covered. After all, Jesus knew warfare all too well and  deliverance ministry was His (casting out demons and delivering people from under the bondage of the enemy), but one thing I’ve learned about Christ and spiritual warfare is no matter how weak, torn up, exhausted, beaten up, hurt, “weakened”, or abandoned spiritual warfare makes you feel, just like Jesus (and many others for that matter), those sufferings were never worth comparing to the glory that would be revealed (Romans 8:18). Jesus went through the ultimate warfare. He wasn’t received by His own people (Luke 4:24). He was accused of working in operation with the chief of demons when He was actually sent to destroy such plans and cast out such entities (Luke 11:14). Jesus was betrayed by a multiple of His own followers, those he had poured into, taught what they knew about the gift of life, and had made it His personal business to give the secrets of the kingdom to (Matthew 26:46-47 AND Matthew 26:70). And Greatest of them all, Jesus was to be murdered- enduring the most agonizing pain of His life to be the atonement (the reparation) for all the sins of the world (Matthew 27:30-31), even making Him believe that even for a second, the Father had left Him (Matthew 27:46). My point is, if it happened to Jesus, the Son of God, surely as believers of His, it will happen to us. Now we aren’t called to be crucified for all the sins of man, but Jesus reminds us, if they’ll do it to me, they’ll definitely do it to you…(John 15:20). So, regardless of the battle you’re faced with in the realm of the spirit (things you can’t see-depression, condemnation, unworthiness) and even the natural (things you CAN see- barely making ends meet,  broken relationships, loss jobs) I challenge you to study the struggles of Jesus followed by the joys and glory of all the blessings the war(s) yielded. If we would just hold on and fight through the war, the attack, the battle, Jesus promises us that the joy won’t even be able to compare to the sufferings. I laced this with scripture in hopes that in your quiet time with the Lord today, you’ll sit and study these wars Jesus endured to be called the son of God. How hard will you fight to reach your “It Is Finished” Moment?- ( John 19:30). Even Jesus cried to the Father repeatedly (3 time to be exact) for a way out (Matthew 26:39-44). Even Jesus’ closest friends ended up not being there when He most needed them (Matthew 26:40-43). Even Jesus had to bare His own cross (Matthew 26:45-46). I say that to say this, sometimes in war, the focus is on no one but you. YOU have to go through it, YOU  have to pray and encourage yourself, sometimes YOU have to do it on your own, but the FATHER will be right there with you. Rest assured. Every. Single. Step of the way. Jesus has been there. You’re in great company. If you have any questions about spiritual warfare or guidance, please visit the “Contact” tab at the top of the site. Peace be with you all. Lessons and Blessings Family.

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