But He’s My Weak Spot..

Man, it’s hardLiving a life modeled after Jesus’ is HARD. One of the things that make it hard is staying faithful to Him when your mind is on “him”. If you have a “him” you know exactly what I’m talking aboutWe break away from that relationship God told us to- we do the big part. But then the hard part comes- “What do I do now?” I fall into this space and the enemy uses this ruthlessly; He almost always pushes me to my limits. I get to thinking, “God, why can’t he be my husband? I just wanna “check-up” on him. I don’t get the big deal about us having lunch anyway…” When I get to these spots the enemy is doing to me just what he did to Jesus in Matthew 4 and I’m falling. Did Satan spearhead the temptation? No. Jesus was fasting. Sometimes we may just be feeling lonely or just missing “him”. But Satan comes in right on cue like he did with Jesus. Jesus had been fasting and Satan used this vulnerable time to slide right in and create havoc. This is what happens with us when we’re ready to give in and fold with the temptation of texting “him”, “kicking it“, or just indulging in the thought of “him”. The stage will be set up JUST RIGHT and the enemy will come in straight on cue. Need I say don’t put yourself in these situations-stay off “his” Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, stop reading the message thread and delete it Sis, detach yourself-or you’ll end up setting the stage for the enemy to work. But when you find yourself in a spot where the enemy has just slid in because you were weak, do what Jesus did. Saturate yourself with so much scripture that you’re able to throw it in the enemy’s face. Get a daily word from a bible app, read the blog posts here, listen to teachings online, something. But you HAVE to know the Word to pull out when the enemy starts hitting you where it hurts. If we want to live the life Jesus lived, we’ve gotta fight how Jesus fought. So, I challenge you today in your quiet time to meditate on scripture and let the Word line out for you all your comebacks. Jesus went toe-to-toe with the enemy throwing scripture after scripture at him. Read and seek God’s face in Matthew 4 today and fight that way. Love you guys so much. Lessons and Blessings family.

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