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How Could God Let This Happen

1 John 1:5 KJV
Although God has created all things (and the Bible specifies, yes, even all the evil things and the bad things) there is no dark in Him. What we consider “bad” or dark may not be actually bad to God. How do we know that? God fights with us against darkness, He’s a very present help in the time of trouble (against darkness), He gives us authority to tread on the serpents and scorpions and ALL evil powers (darkness), when He was here- Jesus, He casted demons OUT (darkness). A house divided aganist itself will fall, so God (even as Jesus) could not be a master of darkness because he was fighting against it. When we ask God why, we have to consider that our human mindsets may be getting in the way of understanding God’s mind. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts- What’s bad to us may not be defined as the same thing in His book. Sometimes it IS a work of evil and darkness and sometimes God is using a thing we’ve called bad to actually do a thing in His book called good. However, either way it goes, rest assured that ALL these things will work together for your good, for those who love God and are obedient. Don’t skip over than last part-a lot of people do and still try to use that scripture. That creates confusion. #NuggetOfTruth ✍🏽

The AntiChrist is Here

1 John 2:18KJV

Don’t make this spooky. The antichrist spirit is here, has been here, and is still coming. It is simply the spirit that pushes forward teachings and lies against the gospel of Jesus Christ: ANTI-Christ (against Christ). This includes every other religion that does not identify Jesus being the Son of the Most High God, the one who died for all the world’s sins, and having rose from the dead- ALL those things AND the things in the Holy bible pertaining to Christ. It’s very simple. There is much of the anti-christ spirit in my family and probably yours too. Keep your mind and heart guarded, renewed, and refreshed with the Word of God (the Holy Bible) as to protect your spirit from this spirit. It causes confusion, doubt, and guilt in being a believer of Jesus Christ. It is the spirit of the anti-chirst and this is what it does. Guard your heart people. Don’t make this spooky, but be aware that it is a real thing you need to guard your heart and mind against. #NuggetOfTruth✍🏽

Saved and Sin

1 John 3:6KJV

The bible says that if you sin, you don’t know God. Now, this doesn’t mean that if you DO know God that you are free from sin and you never sin. This means this just isn’t what you do: this isn’t a common occurrence for you. So, I may do something today that is out of the ordinary for me, but it isn’t a common occurrence for me. That’s where this passage is going. Moving along to the second half of the verse, if you do sin regularly, this is a common thing for you. Sin isn’t anything you have a regard for and strive to be away from. Then he says, you haven’t seen God and you don’t know Him (if you sin without regard). My theory is, once you’ve really gotten to know God, I mean really studied His heart, His love, His power, it drives you from every single thing that doesn’t not look like Him. Once you come to know and understand that type of love, you NEVER want to hurt, disappoint, or turn your back on someone that feels that way for you- even God. So, I agree with the Word (I always will lol), but my understanding is that once you really know God as it pertains to you, His love for you, and how He cares for you, you wouldn’t live in sin. Your heart won’t let you. BUT this comes with the revelation of knowing God and who He is. #NuggetOfTruth ✍🏽

The Spirit of Error/Spirit of Truth

1 John 4:6 KJV

So, there is a such thing as the spirit of error and the spirit of truth. At one time or another, we’ve more than likely found ourselves operating in both. However, we should try more often than not to operate in the spirit of truth more so than error. So first things first, how do we know which spirit we are operating in? Those who operate in the spirit of error are those who listen to the world. If you read from verse 5 of this chapter, 1 John notes how fluent the language is between the world and those OF the world- “They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.” When operating in the spirit or error, you become a hearer of the world. The same world we are called to be set apart from and not conform to. However, we know we are operating in the spirit of truth when we listen and hear the People of God. (I capitalized this because I want to emphasize that this is a type of people. Wise Counsel– A people we should surround ourselves with, people we should be). When we are open to the wisdom of those who live a God fearing life, we are operating in the spirit of truth- we’re in the right, we’re just, and we aren’t in error. When we would rather seek, hear, and listen to the world for advice or answers, we are operating in the spirit of error-we’re in the wrong. It’s a simple concept, but obviously one the Lord had to bring to my attention. #NuggetOfTruth ✍🏽

No devil in Hell Can Touch You

1 John 5:18 KJV

Satan can’t touch you. Devils in hell grab at you and desire to pull on you with the promise that if they can just touch you they can take you out but they can’t touch you. This is why the enemy can’t take you out. He can open doorways for you to walk through that will give him that kind of power, but making the decision to stay away from sin and unrighteousness intentionally defeats him. Why? Because we close every door he desires us to walk through that will give him a hand in our lives. However, God is so good that even when we do give into sin, Jesus’ blood on the cross provides us opportunity to be forgiven from that thing we’ve done. Now, forgiveness doesn’t always save us from the consequence(s) of our actions and keep the enemy from having a hand in the mess we may’ve made, but it ensures that God’s hand is on us and the blood of the lamb in covering us. The moral of the story is, no devil in hell can put its hand on you if you live a righteous or sin-free life- See “Saved and Sin” for the biblical definition of “Sin-Free”. And when living a righteous life, even if you fall, you have someone who, before you were born, stepped in and promised to be your way out. This doesn’t mean you won’t have any consequences or the devil won’t be able to use the mistake you made, but it does mean you have someone to vindicate you. If you are living in unrighteousness, the best time to change is right now. Right now, in this moment. Now. There’s no better time than this. Contact me in the “contact” tab at the top of the site for help. #NuggetOfTruth ✍🏽

Walking In Love?

2 John 1:6 KJV

“Ye should walk In love” : Love should be a natural movement. Although it must be learned, it should be natural. Learning to walk as a child is not easy. For some babies it’s easier for some, but it’s still a process and it takes more than a fall or two. But, being passed this stage, we know how important it is for a baby to learn to walk; we know it’s fundamental. However, to those who are unable to walk, we (usually) view it as a disability. One that cripples quality of life and is seen as a hinderance. Love is the same way. Whether we realize it or not, love is a natural part of life that should carry us through life. When we lack love, grow improperly into it, or fail to walk in it, our quality of life is less than it should naturally be. There’s a crippling in the natural way of life. Walking in Love is essential.  Love needs to be learned just the same as walking in itself. Learn the Love of God and let it carry you through your life. From then on, You’ll understand why it was so necessary. You’ll see life through a new lens. I pray, as you learn love, your experience is that of the blind, deaf, and lame men in the Bible when they were healed from those ailments. I pray the experience may be miraculous for you and healing from any lack of love in your life will be your portion. Seek God and He will meet you there. #NuggetOfTruth ✍🏽

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