If I Want to Win, I Have to be #2: Part 2

So we’ve been talking about why being number 2 is essential to win. In the previous post, we talked about letting God have that number one seat to reign in our lives because we don’t have the qualification to run/rule our own lives. We need to draw our strength straight from a source, The source, Jesus. He has to reign supreme over our lives for us to win. Here’s reason #2: If we are content with being number 2,3,4,etc. when compared to other people-their image, physical characteristics, success, ministries, etc., then chances are, we don’t obsess over the affairs of others. Likely, because we’re too busy being good stewards of our own portion given by God. If we become too caught up in the “Winner’s Game”, we’ll get lost in it. Then it becomes a “Comparison Game”. Then you have a huge problem on your hands. The rewards of this game include: Self-inadequacy, low-self esteem, desires to reach unattainable goals, hate, self-hate, jealousy, the missing of purpose, discontentment, and SO much more. Let’s not sign up for this. Let’s be so caught up in what God has in front of us, we can careless what number line we fall in. Should we strive to be the best? NoWe should be striving to be our best. There’s a difference. So, I encourage you to make a list of all the things God has given you, preferably in your phone “notes”. and when you’re scrolling on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, etc., walking down the street, or getting dressed and the enemy reminds you of what you don’t have, what you don’t look like, what you are “lacking”, pull those notes up and thank God for all He HAS blessed you with. Then remind yourself, “I don’t have to be number one/the best in any one area, I just have to do my best and love that!” Lessons and blessings Family!

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