But God, They Were WRONG!

Sometimes in life we are wounded at the hand of the one above us: a boss, parent, etc. We didn’t ask for it, we didn’t deserve it. Hagar (Abraham & Sarah’s maid servant) felt the same way. In Genesis 16, Hagar is used by the couple to bare a child for them since they felt they were too old to do so themselves. THEN, Sarah treated her so bad that Hagar ran away. She couldn’t take it and I believe Hagar wanted to know what she did to deserve to be treated this way? “Why do they just use me and deal with me so harshly Lord? They used me!” This is how I imagine Hagar was feeling. I know I’ve felt this way. I had a boss. Now, I did above and beyond on the job. I put up with things that I did not have to just because I was asked to and when it came down to it, I wasn’t even treated with the same respect as other employees. So what do you do? How did God respond? What did He say? God sent an angel to where Hagar was and told her to return back to Abraham and Sarah’s home, but make no mistake, He told her He would bless her! He told her that her descendants would be so numerous, she won’t even be able to count them all. This was such an honor in these days. It was actually the reason Abraham and Sarah used Hagar in the first place. Now, God won’t always call us from under the hand that doesn’t do right by us, but He is a just God and He WILL visit the hand that offends you and exalt youWe’re called to respect authority so Hagar couldn’t just leave like we can’t just quit our jobs when our bosses make things hard, but God says “I will be with you, I will protect you, and I will bless you”. Faithfulness goes a long way so push through, fight, and work as unto the Lord, not for the hand above you. When you are faithful at the servant level, THEN God will upgrade you to that boss/CEO position. God wants to promote you, but how well of a servant are you? In your quiet time today, read Genesis 16 and meditate on what God is saying to you. He wants to talk to you, are you in position to listen? Let me know if you need anything. Lessons and blessings Family as always! Love you.

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