Love For The Harvest

This morning as I wait in the car for my sisters in Christ to get their coffees for church this morning, I sit and wonder in awe how worthy and blessed God truly is. I’m really just beginning to see how wide and long His love really is. See, apart of becoming the woman God wants me to be I had to establish this solid foundation in Him. Part of this came from learning Him, who He is, how He works, and His heart. I’m truly beginning to learn God’s heart. It’s amazing. And I’m still learning his heart based upon his love for the lost- the Harvest. Through a wide controversy of secular music artists landing tracks on Gospel based artists’ tracks, I’ve begin to see the hate, condemnation, and hardened heart towards those Whom God seeks to reach with His love, forgiveness and grace- the Harvest. Those who are lost, living in sin and rebellion, and those who need plucking from their current surroundings and lifestyles to come among the body of Christ and the true love of God is what I call the Harvest. I’m noticing those who struggle with finding grace in these people and how that lack of grace manifests upon the Harvest. It’s heart breaking. I also dare say, these people or “church folk” can’t know God’s heart. I believe it’s impossible. When we learn God’s heart, we truly begin to see how He feels towards such a loss people and how He responds. When the children of Israel constantly turned their back on God over and over and over again, God’s answer was never to condemn them back into the sin they’d previously been in (which is the result of some of our actions towards the harvest), but the aftermath of how God handled them yielded them to turn from their ways. Are the fruits of your labor towards the Harvest causing them to turn their ways? Is your heart soft enough to preach the gospel in a way that convicts them to change and not condemn them farther from God? Are you coming in love the way Jesus did? I think it’s a question worth pondering. Maybe it’s not just what we do, but maybe it’s the results that yield there after. It’s accountability time. As you sit with Christ today in your quiet time, I challenge you to ask God to show you your heart and be receptive to any rebuke the Holy Spirit has for you. Reflect and check your heart. God wants to speak. Just listen. Lessons and Blessings Family❤️

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