Resting in His Presence 

Today won’t be very long, but I do want to share a couple of things pertaining to resting in God’s presence. In my walk, I never understood how God saw me. My vision of myself clouded my understanding of His actual opinion of me. Because I was so caught up in how I saw myself, all the negative seeds that were sewn into my heart, all the things the enemy made my heart to believe stopped me from truly seeing how my Father saw me through HIS perfect, flawless lense. I’m learning now. Im seeing his gracious, precious sense of me. Im the apple of His eye and if I let Him, He’ll breeze over me that exact feeling. As I sit by “Frog Baby” (a monument here on campus and also a water “fountain”) I feel his presence over taking me with the wind, leaves, and trees and I realize THIS is what it feels like to rest in His presence. My mentor helped me to realize that when the storm get rough sometimes, it’s hard to see God’s love for you, how He favors you, how He spoils you because the winds are too loud and fierce. It’s too cloudy and turbulent. BUT someone comes along and shakes you out of that head space and you’re able to hear clearly. You can see clearly. You’re able to just close your eyes and let the wind overtake you like the rest of creation. It’s so serene. It’s so peaceful. Today I encourage you to go to a park, your back yard, somewhere quiet and alone, play some music (I like Joseph Garner- A Prophetic Worshiper) and close your eyes. Fall in love with God all over again. Hear Him in the wind. Let His presence overtake you like the mighty, rushing wind it is. I’m shaking you out of that turbulent headspace and calling you to fall in the peaceful presence of the Lord. He favors you. He’s there waiting for you. Lessons & Blessings Family 💙 I love you 💙

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